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  • Extension-Free Hair: We only remove WEST COAST HAIR and this requires a separate appointment
  • Clarifying & Alternatives: Learn the correct products to use before your appointment
  • Bring Stuff To Keep You Busy: We have complimentary wi-fi, Apple TV and access to charging your devices

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Your appointment is approaching and we are very excited to see you soon!

As for pre-appointment, there are a few things you can do to prepare your hair and get the very best wear from your hair extensions:

One, come with very clean, extension-free hair which means you'll want to give it a super-thorough cleansing before your appointment. (This is especially important if you've recently had color and conditioning treatments or chemicals & oily solvents in your hair from removing other brands of hair extensions.)

Any shampoo will do for this activity but a clarifying shampoo is great if you have it. Do not go out & purchase it, though, because it is not a shampoo you want to use on your extensions, it would completely strip and dry them out. If you have it, you could use a bit of baking soda mixed with water and then shampoo. This will also create a clarifying effect and get out any product-goo (silicones are famous for not coming out of the hair) and ready your hair for the extensions.

You can use conditioner but ONLY on the ends of your hair. It's a good idea to avoid using the conditioner on the root area to create a nice strong attachment for the extensions.

IMPORTANT: This is pre-install only. While wearing the extensions, you will condition at the root and around the attachment to help detangle shed hairs caught in the bonds and around the root hairs.

Then, after washing, it will be very important to rinse thoroughly. Rinse for a very long time separating your hair into sections and letting the water run through each section and into the scalp (attachment) areas.

IMPORTANT: Rinsing in sections like this will also be very important while wearing and washing your hair & your hair extensions.

You will want dry hair and don't put any products on it, no gels, hairspray, not anything. You can flat iron at the root (attachment) area if your hair is kinky at all.

We have some snacks and beverages but feel free to bring anything particular you might want. We have wifi and internet TV and access to Netflix movies and various episodes, and feel free to bring work or we have various magazines around, too.

If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us. (Text Tiffany 612-787-7797)

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Community is so important to us! Please do join our private BEAUTIFUL HAIR GROUP if you haven't already! Come say hi and let us know how excited you are or we can help calm the nerves. too! Feel free to share pics anytime, we love to see them!