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Every Soft Bond Strands™ install adds fullness

You decide how long. Your current length? A little length, or lots & lots of length. Whichever you choose, we will give you hair you ❤️

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Here Are The Exclusive Soft Bond Strands™ Hair Extension Services

Offered @ WEST COAST HAIR Minneapolis • Los Angeles

How it works: 

Because everyone is different and no 2 heads are the same, our services and pricing is based on your hair. We add the amount of length you want while considering the results you are after. This is why we like to see your dream hair or inspiration pic.

What you are wondering:

Scheduling your install is easy. Go to our appointment page to browse through the appointment times, availability and calendars and see pricing totals. Nothing goes through until you get to the final screen and make your down payment.

*Calendars are left with special open times for new installs so many times you can even get in within a day or 2.
If you're in a hurry :) We know how badly you want/need them!

For Volume:

If you're adding just volume (this is extension hair added at the same length of your natural hair) we have 2 choices for you. A 40-strand Volume Boost, which is a great way to try the extension out or just add enough hair that you feel much better, or a Full Volume, which is double the amount and more, to get things a lot more filled in.

Volume Boost

Our 40-strand volume boost allows for just enough hair to fill in thin areas and improve the look of your hair in just a couple of hours.

Long Bomb Bangs

Many times the fronts of our hairs suffer the most abuse and are prone to breakage. We can help. With this service, 20 strands, in your color, are added to create, or lengthen, the hairs in front, typically from the mid-ear forward.

More Volume

A full set of hair extensions (90-120 strands) in your current length & color is added to build volume and fill in thin areas. Appointment time is approximately 4 hours.

For Length:

We have 3 main service types. Add 2-4 inches to your current hair with a partial install and up to 10 inches and more with a full install. Specialty installs are available for certain conditions, such as transgender and post-chemotherapy hair extension installations, as well as very short, above shoulder or blunt cut styles.

Partial Install

A partial set of hair extensions (50-75 strands) is added & blended to fill in and extend the length of thin, broken or damaged hair an additional 2 to 4 inches. Appointments last approximately 3 hours.

Full Install

A full set of hair extensions (90-120 strands) is added & blended to extend the length of your own hair (below shoulder to begin with) an additional 2 to 10 inches. Appointments last approximately 4-5 hours.

Specialty Install

A fuller set of hair extensions (140-155 strands) is added and blended to extend the length of your own hair an additional 2 to 10 inches as needed for natural results. Appointments last approximately 6-7 hours.

After Care:

We are here for your hair extension after-care and Soft Bond Strands maintenance. Although many learn to manage, take care or and remove the hair extensions themselves, we offer these services for those who want assistance in keeping the hair extensions tangle-free and for extended, long wear-time.


Schedule a single session appointment for de-tangling & re-applying loose strands for the very best, longest, and most successful hair extension wear. One session leaves your strands detangled, refreshed and replaced. And your install feeling new, comfortable and beautiful.


Although the Soft Bond Strands™ can be easily removed at home following our instructions, careful removal by your professional WEST COAST HAIR® technician ensures your hair is well taken care of. Schedule a WASH, DRY, STYLE and you'll be ready to go!


Because WEST COAST HAIR Soft Bond Strands™ are removable without chemicals or tools that destroy the hair, your extension hair is reusable time and time again. Our supplier Bohyme hair is high-quality and lasts well over a year and longer and can be used for your subsequent installs.

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