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How do I care for my WEST COAST HAIR® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions?

WEST COAST HAIR® is a proud combination of safe hair extension products forming a method of semi-permanent strand-by-strand hair extensions. You will HAVE to follow proper care for the longest and best hair extension wear, when you: 

  • Wash thoroughly 1 to 2 times weekly
  • ​Keep hot tools from the bonds
  • Brush hair 2x daily
  • Keep strands untangled throughout your wear
  • Read through the troubleshooting here

Find further detailed care steps which will give your extensions long life and you, the wearer, comfortable and safe wear you can love!

These feel tight on my head, should I be concerned?

Soft bonding is a method of applying hair extensions which use no glues or fusion to apply. The results are a semi-soft bond which is very secure but, at the same time, gentle on the natural hairs to create an ideal result for wearing hair extensions in any hair; including thin hair, chemically treated hair, or hair that simply cannot handle the weight of glues and fusion and/or risk the potential damage of metal from links or clips.

The soft bonds should only be felt a night or 2, not longer, and especially not after washing.

After your first few days and first washing, you should hardly remember the hair extensions are on your head except for the beautiful new hair you notice each time you pass a mirror.

If the extensions continue to trouble you, please notify your installer right away.

My head is itching. Is there something I can do to stop it?

This can be caused by a few things. It could be product which is left in your hair, i.e., not thoroughly cleansed and rinsed from your head. This could be your natural scalp oils being trapped under hair and bonds which you aren't accustomed to. Or this could be naturally shed hairs which are caught in bonds. Or it could be any combination of these.

First, try to fix this by thoroughly cleansing your hair, taking these into consideration:

  • Make a conscious effort to scrub your non-sulfate shampoo into your scalp and between all your bonds
  • ​Shampoo twice, even, for best results
  • Rinse thoroughly, like 10 minutes of rinsing
  • While rinsing, separate your hair into sections and let the water run through
  • Feel the water touching every inch of your scalp..
  • Keep rinsing even beyond the amount of time you've become bored with it (your results will be worth it!)
  • Once your hair is dry, brush with your soft bristle or wet brush and get out all the naturally shed hairs which are NOT caught in the bonds.

Do note this will get better and easier as the attachments grow out from your scalp, too, about 2-3 weeks into your installation and shouldn't trouble you for the next few months of your wear-time.

Also, keep conscious of where exactly the itching occurs. Many times I realize my head also itches where I am not even wearing extensions and that it's probably dry weather. The fact I have extensions in is making me think about it more, too.

My bonds are mushy and sticky. What can I do?

This may be caused by a couple things:

  • Any trace amount of product residue left in your hair, i.e., hair-sprays and conditioners not thoroughly cleansed and rinsed from your head
  • ​Your own natural scalp oils being trapped under hair and bonds which you aren't accustomed to cleansing

First, try to fix this by *thoroughly* cleansing your hair.

1. Make a conscious effort to scrub your non-sulfate, silicone-free shampoo into your scalp and between all your bonds.

2. Shampoo twice, even, for best results.

3. Now, rinse thoroughly, like 10 minutes of rinsing.

4. Separate your hair into sections and let the water run through.

Feel the water touching every inch of your scalp and keep rinsing even beyond the amount of time you've become bored with it (your results will be worth it!).

Washing well and rinsing thoroughly will give you clean, crisp bonds.

​I feel hairs poking out of my bonds. What can I do?

This may just be a natural occurrence being that the extensions are created to be gentle and to let loose under too much pressure.

Perhaps your brush was caught in a tangle? Instead of the extension pulling out YOUR hair, it is made to let loose of your hair so no damage results.

Other times, a bond has just worn down or become cracked (possibly by pre-mature rolling).

The loss of a bond typically will only happen after washing and while styling. You should never just lose an extension out in public for no reason. If you have an excess of loss of the extensions or shedding, then it is being caused by a product issue, incorrect washing or other care mis-step. 

​I am losing almost all my bonds, HELP!

Have you done this yourself with the incorrect use of a hot hair-dryer or a hot iron or hot rollers? Are you using products that contain silicones? (These usually end in "cone" and "xane.") Please check your ingredients and compare the the list here. Have you been rolling and manipulating your bonds in the shower, or while they are wet? If you don't feel any of this applies, please schedule a video chat.

Can I use a hairdryer and curler?

Yes, of course. You'll keep a safe distance from your bonds while using the hair-dryer and any other hot, or heated, tool. You can dry your hair, just don't put a super hot hairdryer right up to your bonds or you will lose your extensions. You can style your hair just like you would your natural hair just don't place the hot iron ON the bonds.

Your bonds can handle what your skin can so if it will burn your skin, it will burn your bonds, too.

What about the sun? My bonds feel softer when I'm in the sun

The bonds do become softer in the sun and heat, mainly those near the top which aren't covered by much hair or other bonds. Hats and scarves will help when in the direct sun and also a bit of shade. Otherwise, just don't pull or tug at your extensions while in hot heat. Wait until you have returned to a cooler temperature to brush or pull the extensions.

Your bonds can handle what your skin can. Cool your bonds like you would your skin; find shade, cool water, covering...

My strands are tangled, like 1 extension into 3. Why is this?

Strands need to be maintained which means you will work to untangle them from naturally shed hairs throughout the time you are wearing them and this can probably be done once weekly at minimum.


Your head naturally sheds its hairs at an average rate of 50-100 strands per day. You can identify a naturally shed hair by feeling a hard, round bulb at the end of it.

With the extensions, some of these will be held in the bonds until you remove them and you will see whole lot of these shed hairs at once.

Again, this is natural and happens with and without wearing extensions. When those hairs are in the bonds, and when you are washing your hair, sleeping in it, those shed hairs held in the bonds became wrapped around one another and form these unions of two or more bundles being held together.


Take your thumb and forefinger and gently push the small tangle toward your scalp (this is the original way the shed hair was positioned before it was shed.) Then, gently pull the pieces apart.

Why is my hair matting on one side of my head?

Are you sleeping with wet or damp hair?

This is a big no-no. You don't ever want to sleep with wet, or even slightly damp, hair.

Untangle the matts by placing the end of a rat-tail comb into the matte and gently make small circles. Continue this carefully until that tangles have been worked out of your hair. Wash and rinse thoroughly and allow the hair to dry. Brush thoroughly with a soft bristle or wet brush. You may want to get a satin or silk pillowcase for sleeping. This will guard against sleep tangles. 


My hair feels dry, what will help?

This can occur in the winter and in places where the air is extremely dry.

Like your skin, your hair needs the moisture. Sometimes products work against this so be sure you check the ingredients and use products without drying sulfates, alcohols or silicones.

Using a soft boar bristle brush to brush your natural scalp oils through to the ends of your extension hair can help, too. Also, get a shower filter! Salt from water softeners (sometimes helpful for the hair in very humid summer conditions) will dry your extensions up like sandpaper in dry weather conditions! Be careful when using water from public places, such as the gym or in apartment buildings.

I have small tangles at the ends of my extension hair, why?

This can occur when fallen hairs that are naturally shed from your scalp, don't quite make it out of your hair but fall somewhere and become tangled in the hair you are wearing. A good brushing with a wet or soft bristle brush will help remove these fallen hairs. You shed 50-100 hairs daily so getting these off your head and into your brush is the best way to keep your hair tangle-free. You should brush before washing to remove shed and fallen hairs and then use your wet brush in the shower (carefully) while conditioning and rinsing.

I'm going to the beach, can I swim in my hair?

Yes. A braid or loose ponytail is recommended. The bonds are fine with intermittent wetness but avoid keeping them wet for many hours at a time. This may cause the bonds to break down or allow for shedding. (For example, if you are going to be scuba diving for 8 hours, wear a water-proof swim cap.)

Can I tan in my hair? What about a hot tub or a pool?

This is all fine. Tanning is not a problem and hot tubs are fine as long as your bonds are not wet for too many hours at a time. Always wash thoroughly and rinse forever after being in the chlorine and salt water.

How do I remove these?

If you've agreed with your installer to do a self removal, you can do so by bending the bonds back and forth a few times to break them up. Then, gently tug the extension to free it from your hair. Each extension will leave behind a small amount of shed hair tangles which need to be carefully removed, as well. After removing these, you will have a small pile of these naturally shed hairs, which you can identify by the small hard bulb at the end of it. The extensions may be taken out in such a way that you can reuse your extension hair, if you choose to.

​I took my extensions out and can't get all the bond out. Why is it stuck in my hair?

Soft Bond Strands™ doesn't attach to your hair but, after removing, residue does remain caught in shed hairs which need to be removed carefully. You never want to tear these tangles out of your hair but untangle them carefully. It helps to first comb the tangles toward your scalp, then out from the hair, slipping the hairs from the tangle individually. You may want to use olive oil, which is wonderful for your hair, to dissolve the residue and make the tangles slippery for removing. Dawn dish-soap will then cleanse the oil from your hair. After that, you can shampoo as normal.

When can I wash and style my hair?

Wash after a minimum of 24 hours has passed to allow the bonds to cure (48 hours is better). 💦

Then at least one, and up to 3, times per week. You can wash daily if you need to but this may wear your hair and bonds down faster. You can style like your own hair right away, just be careful with putting too high of heat right on, or near, your bonds.

Also, you need to check your shampoo & conditioner, and other product's ingredient lists thoroughly. You'll want to choose products without sulphates (for the extension hair) and contain no silicones (for the attachments.)

To be safe, you can use our amazing, natural shampoo & conditioner, created especially for WEST COAST HAIR and to help our clients with their sparse, thin, damaged, and slow-growing hair by purchasing it in our store or online here: