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What Do We REALLY Want To Know About Hair Extensions?

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hair Extension Blog/What Do We REALLY Want To Know About Hair Extensions?

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What Do I REALLY Know About Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have a rich history spanning centuries, tracing back to the ancient era with Cleopatra's pioneering use in 3400 BC. Fast-forward to the contemporary age, and the evolution of hair extension methods has presented a myriad of options tailored to diverse needs and preferences.

One prevalent technique is the braided extension, commonly known as sew-in extensions. This method involves braiding the natural hair to create a stable base, onto which wefts of extensions are meticulously sewn using a needle and thread. It's a robust and enduring method that has stood the test of time.

Another sought-after option is tape-in extensions, leveraging polyurethane tape to securely attach wefts of extension hair to the natural hair. Polyurethane, recognized for its durability in various applications such as tires and surface coatings, ensures a long-lasting and reliable bond.

In contrast, glue-in extensions offer an alternative but are less permanent and carry the risk of causing more damage to natural hair if worn for prolonged periods.

Single strand extensions, involving the attachment of small bundles of extension hair to individual sections of natural hair, come in the form of hot fusion and cold fusion methods. These methods employ either heating elements or metal clips to affix the extensions securely.

Among these diverse methods, clip-in extensions provide a convenient and versatile option. However, there's one lesser-known method that stands out—Soft Bond Strands by Tiffany Twist, exclusively available at WEST COAST HAIR.

Situated in Minneapolis, WEST COAST HAIR distinguishes itself by offering a safe and natural alternative for hair extensions, ensuring minimal damage to the wearer's natural hair. The Soft Bond Strands method employs a gentle application process, attaching extensions using a soft bond adhesive. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals with damaged, processed, bleached, or brittle hair, as it minimizes the risk of further harm.

For those seeking a gentle, safe, and natural avenue for hair extensions, WEST COAST HAIR and the Soft Bond Strands by Tiffany Twist present an enticing solution. Stay tuned for more informative posts on hair styling, extensions, and related topics!

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