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Now What? Reinstalling vs. Getting New Hair Extensions: The Great Debate

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Hair Extension Blog/Now What? Reinstalling vs. Getting New Hair Extensions: The Great Debate

Removal is imminent and it’s time to get those extensions re-done!

So you loved your first install, but the time has come – Clients often ask me after their first install, should I re-use the hair I have already worn, or get new hair?

New hair is fabulous, but reusing hair saves resources and means I can schedule without having to wait for that new hair to ship. ;)

Clients who are happy with the condition of their extension hair at the time of removal are absolutely able to have that extension hair reinstalled. I have personally used the same extension hair for over a year and it held up well! My constant heat styling did create some split ends over the year, but a quick trim here and there is all it needed.

I save most of the hair from my installs so that I have it available to reinstall at any time – whether I want length, volume, or a bang fill in (Long Bomb Bangs, anyone?).

Then, if you choose new hair for your second install, when your time wearing that second install is complete and you're ready for your third, you are welcome to use the hair from both the first and second install and do a reinstall for your third, if you wish!

This means, feel free to save hair the hair from your first install.

You can save any hair from any of your installs with WCH and combine it at any time for a reinstall!

Whatever the case, here is my suggestion.

Or they have an event they are getting the second install for and want fresh locks.

Okay, but lets say more than a few strands were lost by the wayside (are we still in Vegas? Ha!) and a client isn’t sure if they will have enough hair for a full reinstall, or that adding up to 50 new strands will be enough, either.

Believe me, it happens.

Those clients can still choose to re-use the extension hair they already have, while also adding anywhere from 10-50 NEW strands at a discounted price. This is still considered a reinstall, and clients will find the option to choose how many new strands they would like to add when they schedule a reinstall online.

Great, but what if a client who wants to reinstall lost a few strands say, on a weekend trip to Vegas, and those strands never made it home with them? Ha ha!

Lots of clients choose to re-use their extension hair. We call this service a “Reinstall”.

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