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Hair Extensions for Vacation - 5 Tips

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Hair Extension Blog/Hair Extensions for Vacation - 5 Tips

Vacations Are For Looking & Feeling GREAT

Are you planning a vacation or special event and considering getting hair extensions? Here are some tips and encouragement to help you enjoy your time with beautiful hair:

  • ​Soft Bond Strands® offered at Tiffany Twist's WEST COAST HAIR® is an extension product created with beach vacation in mind. With proper care, it will give you the confidence to look your best while you vacation.
  • Yes, you can tan. Remember to shade your hair extension bonds from the sun, just like you would your skin. This will protect the bonds from weakening and help extend the life span of the extension.
  • You can swim with hair extensions! Follow these simple rules to keep your Soft Bond Strands® hair extensions safe:
  • ​Rinse your hair with clean water before entering chlorine or saltwater
  • Create a loose braid or ponytail when swimming to prevent tangling and shedding
  • Dry your ​Soft Bond Strands® attachment area after swimming
  • ​Wash and rinse your hair thoroughly after being in chlorine or saltwater

 When the sun is hot and beating on you, shade your hair extension bonds like you would your skin.

Maybe wrap with a scarf, wear a hat, or move to natural shade.

Remember, do not brush or pull your extensions until you’ve returned to a normal room temperature.

Hair extensions are meant to enhance vacations, not destroy them so most of all, feel confident, beautiful, and enjoy your vacation! With common sense and these tips, you can have a wonderful experience and make your vacation a lifelong memory.

How Well Do Your Extensions Hold Up At The Beach?

"I have been using your extensions for almost a year now. This is actually my first review because I feel I have just put it through the ultimate test. I just came back from a week at the beach and only lost ONE bond!!! (It was lost because I forgot my hair dryer & had to use the hotel's no heat control dryer.)

This beach trip was planned in 2 days. So, I had no time to prepare my hair, or do anything special with it. I have been wearing this install for about 2 months, and decided not to worry about it. I did what I would normally do at the beach, which is put my hair in a loose "bun" with a ponytail holder & use a headband to keep it looking neat. I swam in the ocean & the pool, spent hours at the beach, and even went on a waverunner!

At night I did what I would do with natural hair, rinse (alot), wash & use a good conditioner. I was sooooo excited about this final unplanned test, I had to share!! Awesome product!! I will never use anything else!!"

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