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REVIEW: Soft Bonds Strands & Brazilian Wave Hair

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Hair Extension Blog/REVIEW: Soft Bonds Strands & Brazilian Wave Hair

REVIEW: Soft Bonds Strands & Brazilian Wave Hair

Here's what our WEST COAST HAIR® client has to say about Soft Bond Strands™ in her Native American, African American hair texture.

  • She establishes her wealth of hair extension knowledge by saying, "If I could recoup all of the money I have spent on my hair over the years I could travel abroad."
  • ​​She describes her hair, "I have typical Native/African American hair. Years of processing, tight braids, twists etc. had taken it's toll."
  • She tells me she's not making an easy decision... "I am a skeptical person by nature therefore, I was very hesitant regarding extensions of any kind."
  • ​​Her curiosity brings her in when she explains.. "I was not familiar with the "soft bond" process however, … I needed a truly protective style that looked nice with some versatility."

New to Soft Bond Strands, This Client Takes Us on Her Journey...

"I inquired about the soft bond extension then I dropped the ball. Tiffany was fantastic in reaching out to me after I described my hair dilemma. …

Tiffany's kind, understanding approach won me over.

She was very honest about the process and she felt very confident that they could meet my needs and wants."

hair-extensions-african-native-hair png

Tight Braids & Damaging Installation Methods Thinned Her Hairline...

"My hairline has been thinning a great deal over the past few years. However, I had a solution to deal with the hairline. I went in for a consult with Tiffany and Stephanie. Had she said "oh, no worries we do all hair types and yours is no different, it will be easy", I would have thanked her and walked out."

"Tiffany is not a typical sales person. But, she is honest, upfront, direct, as well as empathetic and she truly wants to do all that is in her power to help her clients realize and live their hair dreams.

As I was meeting with her, Stephanie was putting in some stands of hair as we were discussing styles, hair types, hair care etc. I have never had such an in-depth hair consultation at a salon.

I have had my hair, eyebrows, nails etc. done in other countries and with the exception of Ireland no one has ever been as thorough as Tiffany and Stephanie. They demonstrated their product to me, instead of just saying "sure, we can do your hair." I was sold, how could I not be?"

In Conclusion...

"I LOVE HAIR! THEY LOVE HAIR! It was a match made in hair heaven.

I love my extensions. I am an IT professional, therefore, I am in front of people often and I also travel with work throughout the United States.

I have worn a french braid, updo twist, super-high ponytails, basically whatever I feel like doing, I DO!

How is that for versatility?

Before & After png

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