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The Safest Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Hair Extension Blog/The Safest Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Do You Hate Your Thin Hair?

Are you searching for the safest hair extension method for your thin hair?

Numerous hair extension methods and products are available in the market that can provide instant volume and length to your hair. However, it is important to note that not all of these products and methods are safe for every hair type. In fact, some of the most popular hair extension solutions may do more harm than good to thin, limp, damaged, and broken hair.

Thin, fine or damaged hair often lacks the necessary strength to support the weight of heavy hair extensions.

In such cases, attaching heavy extensions can put additional strain on the roots, causing breakage and damage to the natural hair.

Similarly, damaged and broken hair is already fragile and weak, and adding weight to the hair can worsen the condition, leading to further breakage and hair loss.

It is essential to choose hair extensions that are specifically designed for your hair type and condition. Opting for lighter weight extension is a safer alternative for those with thin or damaged hair. 

Hair Extension Options for Thin Hair

For those looking to increase their hair volume with hair extensions...

The options are many.

It is essential to choose hair extensions that are specifically designed for your hair type and condition. Lightweight extensions are a must for those with thin or delicate hair. Additionally, choosing a reputable hair extension specialist and hair extension method can help you choose the right hair extension that will minimize any damage or discomfort.

But, you don't really want glues and metals in your hair, do you?

Because most beauty supply stores and salons offer hair extensions as a side service, they provide a limited range of options that may not be ideal for those with thin or delicate hair.

One such option is the pre-bonded extension hair, which is a derivative of the "fusion" hair extension technique. This technique involves using a hot press gun to melt the glue and attach the extensions to the natural hair.

Alternatively, link hair extensions involve using a small metal plier to crimp a small metal tube around the hairs, creating a pressed, flat metal attachment.

Both of these techniques can be damaging to the natural hair and may not be suitable for those with fragile hair.

There are several hair extension options available in the market, but unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for those with thin, fine, or delicate hair. Clip-in hair extensions, for instance, consist of a heavy weft of hair held together by small metal clips. While these clips can be attached in a discreet location, typically at the back of the head, underneath as much hair as possible, they may become visible and compromise the overall look.

The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

There is another option...

For those with thin, limp, or chemically processed, damaged, and broken hair, the Soft Bond Strands® hair extension product and technique offer a much gentler and easier solution.

This product is exclusively offered by the WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension team in Minneapolis and by appointment in LA.

Created by Tiffany Twist in 2008, Soft Bond Strands® is a natural and non-toxic hair extension product that is heated in a pot. Small bundles of loose extension hair are then fondue-dipped into the warmed and fast-cooling glue-free bond. This process ensures that the attachment is created as the bond secures the extension hair to the natural hair. The result is a secure and seamless attachment that can last for many months until it's time to remove the extensions. With proper maintenance, the extension hair can last for a year or longer.

Soft Bond Strands® offers a safe and reliable solution for those with fragile or damaged hair.

Unlike other hair extension techniques that rely on harsh chemicals or heat, Soft Bond Strands® is a natural and non-toxic option that is gentle on the hair.It provides a seamless and natural-looking result that blends seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you the fuller and thicker hair you desire.

Contact the WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension team to schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of Soft Bond Strands® for yourself.

Hair Extensions: Help for Thin Hair

WEST COAST HAIR® Soft Bond Strands® Hair Extensions are offered at a private Minneapolis location and by appointment in Los Angeles. Text Tiffany for more information: (612) 787-7797

Easy, peasy, beautiful, fuller hair, safely worn by you using a product you can trust. The safest hair extension method and product for your thin, fine or limp hair in a matter of hours! Enjoy!

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