Hair Growth While Wearing Hair Extensions

When You Think Hair Extensions, Do You Think Damage or Hair Loss? Maybe Before But This is Not the Case Any Longer!

  Growth after wearing WCH hair extensions
West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extension Product & Method for Hair Extensions

You absolutely can grow your hair while wearing hair extensions. And you can find a safe, gentle hair extension method to use while doing it.

My hair extension client is a singer and model who came to me just over 3 years ago and wanted to know all about my new method of applying hair extensions. She heard about the safe, non-damaging, hair extension products I had created and was testing, and thought it too good to be true and chances were, as far as she could tell, it would just be another false claim trying to defend hair extensions, right? Or would it be?

My client had just been recovering from a fusion hair extension installation which left her hair nearly destroyed. Scissors were used to remove some of the fusion hair extension bonds which left her with small sections of hair just an inch or so long in various places in the back of her head. Other areas were just broken off from too much chemical use. Subsequently, Kaytee began to wear clip-in hair extensions but after 6 months of the metal scraping her head day-after-day and pulling causing small bald spots, she’d had enough.

She thought, there must be a better way.


Here are Kay’s “before hair extension’s photos” when she first came to me. 

Her Search for a Safe, Non-Damaging Hair Extension Product

She started her search online and found my natural soft bond hair extension product. She made me assure her over and over the hair extension product would not harm her hair. After I showed her the soft bonds in my own hair, we talked about doing a few things to monitor her natural hair while she wore the hair extensions.

One thing we did, along with take photos, was to use ribbon to wrap around her ponytail and then trim the ribbon end to end. Then, she could take this piece of ribbon with her (put it in her wallet, maybe or somewhere she would remember it) and measure once again when the hair extensions are removed.


And here was Kay 4 months later after removing her first West Coast Hair® install after which (since she saves time and money easily removing the hair extensions herself) she came for her second set of hair extensions. 

Fuller, Longer Hair After Wearing Hair Extensions?

You can see how the condition of her hair improved even while she wore the hair extension method! her hair grew longer and became thicker during those 4 months of wearing the West Coast Hair® hair extension method and products. She’s been pleased ever since.

Typically, after months and months of wearing hair extensions, the wearer becomes accustomed to the thickness of the extension hair. Thus, when the hair extensions come out, it is sometimes a shock to see or feel how thin the natural hair is. This, many times, is a matter of perception since the natural hair might be no thinner than it was to begin with.

This is why I take measurements, with an actual tape measure and the ribbon (as with Kay, above) so I can assure the wearer the natural hair only feels thinner because she has become used to the thickness of the hair extension.

Once she realized her was not thinning out from the hair extensions but actually thickening (since the ribbon could no longer be placed end to end) and is growing, we could stop using the measure but we always keep up the photos.

Each and every extension install, I take a photo of the back and sides of her hair so we can compare these to her “before hair extension’s” photos each install she comes for. I print out the pictures and place these in a file for her which contains her consult cards, specific clips and tools I use for her installs, and any extra hair. We keep in this file for her next hair extension appointment. Looking through the photos to see how much her hair has grown is our favorite part of the day.

Here are some more of this client's next set of pictures we took before putting in her hair extensions.


Continuous hair extension wear doesn't need to be harmful or damage the natural hair. West Coast Hair Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions is a proven product and technique which allows the natural hair to remain healthy while wearing hair extensions. 

Watching the Hair Extensions Effect (or Non-Effect) on the Natural Hair

And then pictures again 4 months later. Her hair is growing and becoming fuller through each subsequent hair extension installation proving you can actually grow your hair while wearing hair extensions! 


Kay comes for a new set of hair extensions around the 3-4 months point. Her hair is growing and thickening beautifully while wearing her West Coast Hair® hair extensions. 

Soft Bonding is Safe for the Natural Hair!

You can imagine she is absolutely convinced of the West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extension product and method and assured it does no harm to the natural hair, a claim we are so proud to be able to make. Most of us have become accustomed to “casualties” when it comes to wearing hair extensions, which means we are used to a hair being pulled here and broken there and smelly chemicals on our hair extension removal day.

It’s just part of the sacrifice to having immediate longer and thicker hair and hair extensions are the only way and hair extensions are damaging, right?

Not anymore!

How Does Soft Bonding Work?

West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions use an exclusive hair extension product created by Tiffany Twist. The bond has no glues or adhesive fusions to bind to your hair as in fusion, cold fusion and bonded weft hair extension applications do. This is why there are no pulled, ripped or broken hairs involved in West Coast Hair® hair extension wear. The bonding product is flexible and moveable and allows a single hair to be released safely from the extension attachment when it is pulled gently from its grip. And this doesn’t mean your hair extension is not secure. Amazingly, the bonds are secure for as long as you wear them. (Recommended time of wearing a hair extension is typically around the 4 month period.)

This means with West Coast Hair® you will not cause damage to your own which is beyond repair. You won’t see broken hairs or hair which has been prematurely pulled out from the root (we all shed our own natural hair naturally, but it is hairs not ready to shed that can be pulled from the root when using glues and wax adhesives such as latex and liquid adhesives and other super-glue type products we find are being to attach hair extensions.)

West Coast Hair® uses an exclusive, safe, patent-pending hair extension bond which is a balance of products found in nature, natural and contain no toxins, are not chemicals, are glue-free. Tiffany Twist has created THE BOND™, a formation of 100% naturally occurring lipids which can easily be removed from the hair sans harsh, harmful chemicals. When asking for, installing or wearing West Coast Hair® you can be assured of gentle and safe products, no chemicals or heavy machinery =) to remove, the ability to re-use your extension hair and the assuredness of great possibilities when it comes to growing your hair longer and thicker while wearing hair extensions.

Travel in to our Minneapolis hair extension studio (visit for your exclusive West Coast hair® install by Tiffany Twist and her staff!

WEST COAST HAIR® is a registered trademark of Tiffany-Twist, 13055 Riverdale Blvd., Suite 500-272, Minneapolis, MN 55448. THE BOND™ is a trademark of WEST COAST HAIR® and Tiffany-Twist. THE HAIR™ is a trademark of WEST COAST HAIR® and Tiffany-Twist. THE BOND™ is a natural and non-toxic, chemical-free soft bonding product for hair extensions which allows for proven damage-free hair extension application and removal. Patent Pending. Manufactured in the US by West Coast Hair®  and Tiffany-Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® is a branded soft bond type of hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis and by appointment in Los Angeles, as well as mobile and on-location appointments being considered per request.