What Are Soft Bond Hair Extensions?

About Soft Bond Hair Extensions

Soft bonds are a specially formulated, trade secret bonding product for hair extensions created by WEST COAST HAIR® founder, Tiffany Twist.

The soft bonds are applied by Tiffany and her daughters in 2 locations; one in Minneapolis, Minnesota and, another, at a host salon in Los Angeles, California, by appointment.

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The Best & Safest Hair Extensions

Soft bonds contain no glues or fusion. There are no metals or tools used in the application of the hair extensions. This means no slicing of the hair, poking of the scalp, no burning, no pliers causing painful pulling.

This soft bond, created by Tiffany Twist, allows the most gentlest of hair extension wear. Even a single strand of hair can be freed from the flexible, soft hair extension attachment without breaking that hair. That's proof! No pulling, tugging, breaking of the natural hair with proper application and care of the soft bond hair extensions.


Discreet Soft Bond Hair Extensions

Soft bonds come in customizable bond colors which allow us to match your root hairs for hair extension attachments that simply disappear with wear!

Soft bonds are infused with ColorLock™. This means there is no flaking and whitening of the hair extension attachments as in fusion and hot glue applications (especially unfortunate for us brunettes!). Even the metal links turn green or rust (and leach these metals into the scalp!).

Soft bonds with ColorLock™ are just better and more discreet from Day 1 all the way through your many months of wear.

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Do you have questions about Soft Bond Hair Extensions? Please feel free to contact us at www.westcoasthair.com/support or ask us in the comment section below! We are glad to help!

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WEST COAST HAIR® is a branded soft bond type of hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis/St.Paul and by appointment in Los Angeles, as well as mobile and on-location appointments being considered per request. WEST COAST HAIR® is Tiffany’s interpretation of the source of the most beautiful hair in the world. “Long, beautiful, wavy beach hair was a dream and a goal accomplished through my development of WEST COAST HAIR®. I hope you love it as much as I do!” –Tiffany Twist, founder WEST COAST HAIR®

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