Remy Hair Extensions With Soft Bonds

West Coast Hair® THE BOND™ and THE HAIR™

West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extension Services are a proud combination of safe and comfortable hair extension bonding along with top quality extension hair from reputable sources.


You’ll find your choice of an exotic and luxurious 100% top grade human remi extension hair which has been pre-colored for easy blending with most all natural and colored natural hair. The extension hair is pre-treated with a gentle rinse of carefully selected and high-end salon coloring products so your hair extensions remain vibrant and beautiful throughout the 4 months or so of your hair extension wear. This means no fading or discoloration of the extension hair.

Wearing THE HAIR™ Extension Hair

The WEST COAST HAIR® installation offers the finest quality of pre-colored, virgin and tangle-free forever extension hair you wear along with a flexible, non-damaging hair extension bond, WEST COAST HAIR® THE BOND™.

Using and Wearing THE BOND™

THE BOND™ is carefully infused with ColorLock™ which means your bond will blend with your hair color and remain just as vibrant as your hair color for the time you wear it. This means no flaking or whitening of your hair extension attachments.


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Using extension hair from our trusted sources means many months of tangle-free, no matting, no crawling of the extension hair with proper care. And because the THE BOND™ uses no chemicals or oily removers to remove, you can re-use this extension hair, saving money and resources, if you want to. What a great gift to give yourself and/or your environment!

WEST COAST HAIR® Natural, Soft Bond Hair Extensions use 100% human remi extension hair which stays beautiful and tangle-free even up to a year with proper care including, non-sulfate hair products, daily brushing and detangling.

About The WEST COAST HAIR® Extension Hair

• Is of quality virgin or cuticle-correct and allows for tangle-free wear 6 months to a year or longer
• Can be left unbound for sleeping and remain tangle-free
• Can be curled and styled like your own hair, the extensions can even keep that curl for days

High-quality extension hair should not tangle or matt as happens in common hair extension methods and procedures. Proper care means you can have silky, comfortable and long-lasting beautiful hair extensions you will love!

West Coast Hair Extension Hair


Your hair extensions are an investment. This means you will want to take care of them for long-lasting and comfortable wear!

A short list of caring for your new hair extensions involves daily brushing, weekly washing and monthly detangling of strand-by-strand hair extensions. You will get the best results from your hair extensions when you learn about shed hairs and how to remove them and manage them when you come in for your hair extension appointment. We have care cards, online resources and videos which will all help you to care for your hair extensions.

WEST COAST HAIR® is a registered trademark of Tiffany-Twist, 13055 Riverdale Blvd., Suite 500-272, Minneapolis, MN 55448. THE BOND™ is a trademark of WEST COAST HAIR® and Tiffany-Twist. THE HAIR™ is a trademark of WEST COAST HAIR® and Tiffany-Twist. THE BOND™ is a natural and non-toxic, chemical-free soft bonding product for hair extensions which allows for proven damage-free hair extension application and removal. Patent Pending. Manufactured in the US by West Coast Hair®  and Tiffany-Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® is a branded soft bond type of hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis and by appointment in Los Angeles, as well as mobile and on-location appointments being considered per request.