The Safest Hair Extension Method

Hi! I'm Tiffany Twist and I love hair extensions! And part of the reason I love them is because I've been fortunate enough to come across the safest way to wear hair extensions.

So, what is the safest hair extension method? Well, since I couldn't find one, you'll learn by the end of my search for the safest hair extension, I had to create them for myself!

I am happy to share what I've learned about the hair extension options along the way and in the time I spent experiencing, and researching, hair extensions for myself.

Why I'm Over Clip-in Hair Extensions

I was first introduced to hair extensions in the form of a clip-in ponytail. I loved the idea of having more, and bigger, hair! I wore my ponytail everywhere! Bummer that it looked fake and didn't last very long in spite of how well I took care of it. (I washed my ponytail hair extensions weekly, probably because they smelled smokey from the nightclubs and now I've dated myself since it's been so many years since you could even smoke in the bars :))

Many girls I meet are wearing clip-in hair extensions like this. Not necessarily just ponytails but full weft pieces that, ironically, are very difficult to wear in a ponytail. Clip in hair extensions are super accessible and sold in every beauty supply corner. They are even super simple to make yourself with some extension hair, special hair extension clips, a needle and thread. But, really, how safe are they?

My clients typically complain of clip-ins pulling their hair and causing hair loss in the areas they continue to wear the clips (one was even sleeping in them, which is a huge no-no and NOT the safest way to wear hair extensions!)

Clip-in hair extensions, however, do seem to be the best choice for transforming from short to long for one special night out here and there. The clips aren't going to harm your hair when wearing the clip-in hair extensions for just a few hours. Always follow the manufactures instructions on the type of hair you should have to support your clip-in hair extensions and the instructions on how to wear, and care for, your clip-ins.

Ponytails you clip-in, like the one I referenced wearing in the past, remain an option for a quick change using hair extensions. Imagine just being able to pull your own hair back and have a beautiful ponytail fall down your back. Easy and fast long beautiful hair for the gym, a quick trip to the grocery store and not only that, stunning-ness for a night on the town or even national T.V.! Lori Greiner (QVC and Shark Tank) is one to wear the ponytail hair extension beautifully even today. (You'll see it on the second picture on her website.) It's a much more modern version than the one I wore in the decades past which was a "banana clip" type extension. Do you remember those? Oh my gosh, I remember how I loved it and thought it was so super sexy.

How I Feel About Professional, Salon Hair Extensions

After a while, I decided I wanted hair extensions again and, this time, I wanted the kind you can sleep in and shower in. I wanted beautiful long hair always. Not just a night out or here and there. I didn't want my boyfriend confused by my short hair to long hair, wondering which of those beauties he would marry, lol. I knew guys liked long hair way better than short hair and I was working on sealing this deal ;)

Many salons, apart from specialty braiding and hair extension specialists, offer a choice of 1, 2 or all three of 3 basic products.

      ☩ Hot glue or fusion

      ☩ Cold glue or cold fusion

      ☩ Sticky glues on strips of tape

These are marketed under various brand names which are all variations of either a hot fusion hair extension method, a cold tape process or a link hair extension method. Typically a technician will determine through your hair type and style along with your needs and goals, which hair extension method is best for you.


Heidi says, “This is the best product ever for my thin, fine hair! Links and fusion slip right out but this stays. It’s AMAZING! My hair has never looked better!”

Deciding on the Best Hair Extensions For Me

I looked over my options regarding sew-ins, wefts with tape, strand-by-strand glue-in and bonded hair extension methods.. There were so many to choose from and so many who had their own ideas of which were the best hair extensions and which were the safest hair extensions. Here's some of what I found and what I learned through chatting with other girls about hair extensions they've worn and used.

Strand-by-strand hair extensions are the longest-wearing hair extension method. They will usually last in the hair for many months whereas extensions which are applied with strips of tape begin to show through the hair in a matter of weeks. Your goals for the safest hair extension for your hair should include accessing the length of time you hope to wear the hair extensions.

My own goal then became to find a strand by strand hair extension method without glues and I didn't want to use little pieces of copper tubing in my hair either. Having little pressed pieces of metal in my hair sounded dreadful! Poking edges and sharp metal slicing at my hair? I decided right away this was not the safest way to wear hair extensions!

In my research, there were little options to discovering a non-damaging method of wearing hair extensions. So, I began to work with products I felt were going to be easy on my hair.

In a short time I created my own technique called soft bonding. Soft bonding is new to the hair extension market and, by far, the safest way to wear hair extensions. There are so many really great qualities to this safe and comfortable to wear hair extension method. A few of them are,

      WEST COAST HAIR® uses only natural, non-toxic and cosmetic great ingredients

      WEST COAST HAIR® uses no glues or fusion to apply

      WEST COAST HAIR® requires no chemicals to remove

      And this means there is no pulling on, or breaking of, the natural hair

I discovered, through much research and many wonderful wearers, it appeared the natural hairs were safe from breakage in the soft bond attachments and my hair extensions became an instant hit. This was leaps and bounds beyond what I was looking for in wearing the safest hair extensions available to me.

Finally, I could wear a hair extension product that wouldn't damage my hair and sharing it with others became an added accomplishment I didn't expect. Life is full of little surprises and my banana clip hair extension was only the beginning of it!


You, too, can wear the safe, soft hair extension bonds! Come see me in our Minneapolis studio for your hair extensions, or meet us in Los Angeles by appointment.

Now you can have the safest, best hair extensions! You will LOVE your beautiful hair!

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