Help for Dry, Tangly Hair Extensions

Dry Hair Extensions

How can I help my hair extensions from feeling dry and brittle? Bring Spring!

This terribly dry winter weather is awful for my hair extensions. It's cold, all the water is frozen and there isn't a droplet of moisture to be found.

As a result, my usual silky, youthful extension hair feels dry and brittle and I'm looking for the best way to bring life to my dry, tangly hair extensions. So far, expensive hair care products aren’t helping me. 


Products for Tangly Hair Extensions

Many products contain alcohol and other such ingredients which are further drying to my hair and hair extensions. They aren't moisturizing but for a minute and then those products spend the rest of their time in my hair collecting and attracting dirt and dust causing my hair to feel dirty. And dirty hair just means I have to wash my hair more often. More work, more time. No thank you! I wear extensions so that I have to spend less time washing, styling, and working to make my hair look great. The hair extensions have always done this wonderfully for me with little collective effort from day to day.

Oil and Heat

Oils products and heat from my flat iron create a dangerous combination for my hair extensions. Oil products, such as bamboo, macadamia, coconut, although feeling wonderful at the moment of applying it, work against my extensions, too, since a subsequent high heat hot iron can end up cooking, and frying, my hair extensions.

I've found I have to be really careful using products containing oils in it on my hair extensions and not use them before styling my hair extensions.

I use the oils for treatments to my hair extensions only on the nights before I plan to wash my hair extensions. 

Then, I wash and rinse super thoroughly to ensure all the oils are cleansed from my extension hair. Super clean hair lasts longer, looks and feels better. (Super clean once or twice per week, not what we might think we are doing by washing daily, which most times may work against getting our hair to a state of healthy, long and beautiful.) This oil treatment, and you can use a good conditioner to accomplish the same, brings a bit of that silky softness back for a few days, whew. This will get me thorough. It has to.

Waiting for Relief

Winter is such a bad time for hair and skin in the frozen, dry parts of the world. My skin itches and my hair extensions feel brittle and dry. I'm just trudging through the next few months waiting for the weather to change and some moisture to come into the air to refresh my hair and skin. I love my hair so much better in the summertime. 

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