Safe Hair Extensions in Damaged Hair

When Rhonda first came to me for hair extensions, I saw her and thought, this girl is beautiful! But I could see that her hair needed help and I was happy to do that for her!

Rhonda suffers this terrible disease called Lupus, it's a long-term autoimmune disorder which effects various organs and functions in the body. The medication she needed caused her hair to become very brittle. Her long hair broke off and she was devastated and desperate to find the safest hair extension method for her thin, fine, fragile hair. This is when she looked toward hair extensions as the answer.

As many do, she started with clip-in hair extensions. Because they are typically clipped into the same areas of the hair and carry most the weight of the heavy hair and track the extension hair is attached to, she was getting these little bald spots in those areas of her head. They were not the safest hair extension method for her to be wearing in her thin hair. Her weak, brittle hair just wouldn't handle the weight of the clip in hair extensions.

I was very happy to share with Rhonda my solution for her hair extension dilemma

Hair extensions allow growth in damaged hair

Above is Rhonda's hair growth over a period of about a year. This is while wearing WEST COAST HAIR® soft bond™ hair extensions continuously through that period, 3 installations of about 4 months per set of hair extensions.


In 2007, I came up with a unique hair extension bonding product and technique, called soft bonding. The hair extension market hasn't seen anything like it before. It is by far the most gentle bonding product on the hair extension market today. Most hair extension methods use glues (fusion), adhesive glue-type waxes (keratin), metal clips or metal links (micro links), glues in tape hair extensions and other hair extension uses which might be questioned when it comes to safety for the hair during care and removal of the hair extensions. I wanted a product for my hair extensions which was gentle on the natural hair, easy to care for and simple to remove. My process involved no chemicals or tools to remove or apply so the appeal was immediate and the hair extension industry took notice.

Rhonda also noticed the difference in her own hair immediately.

She could tell the West Coast Hair® soft bonds™ were gentle on, and safe for, her thin, fragile hair, better than anything she had tried in the past. After just a few installs over a period of about a year, we could see that her hair was growing fuller and longer even while she was wearing WEST COAST HAIR®.

Rhonda's happy she has her long beautiful hair back and I'm happy WEST COAST HAIR® was able to do that for her and, through our unique patent-pending hair extension method, give her the confidence she so desperately wanted!

Before and after hair extensions in breaking hair

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