THE BOND® Vs Micro-link Hair Extension Method

As hair extension methods, how do West Coast Hair® THE BOND™ and Micro-Links compare?


Here’s some of what West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extension wearers are saying:

. Micro-links slip far more than THE BOND™.

. Micro-links have edges that poke into the scalp whereas THE BOND™ is flexible and soft for extreme comfort while wearing.

. Micro-links are more visible, especially once they are grown out a bit.

. Micro-links need either metal tools or chemicals to remove. THE BOND™ is simply cracked up and eased from the natural hair, no pulling, no tugging.

THE BOND verses Microlink Hair Extensions

One wearer of the bonds writes in, “I am loving your hair extension system more and more as time goes on. I am trying to convince my friend who had professional regular micro-links installed (and is also having problems with slippage)… Man, [THE BOND™] is SO much better. If I had a cosmetology license I would definitely get into the extension business and sell this.”


While most fusion and keratin hair extensions bonds flake and turn white, THE BOND™ is infused with ColorLock™ which means your bond color stays vivid to match both the natural hair and extensions for discreet and unnoticeable wear!

THE BOND™ is a natural and non-toxic formula created by Tiffany Twist which uses no tools to apply and no chemicals to remove!  Tiffany Twist's specially formulated glue-free hair extension product, THE BOND™ contains ingredients which occur in nature. These are non-toxic and do not contain chemicals like glue and fusion hair extensions. While the extensions are very secure for many months of wear, they require just a simple breaking and bending to release the extension from the hair. No tools and no chemicals or oily dissolvers means you can reuse the same extension hair if you want to and accomplish your own hair extension removal to save money, as well.

WEST COAST HAIR® is a registered trademark of Tiffany-Twist, 13055 Riverdale Blvd., Suite 500-272, Minneapolis, MN 55448. THE BOND™ is a trademark of WEST COAST HAIR® and Tiffany-Twist. THE HAIR™ is a trademark of WEST COAST HAIR® and Tiffany-Twist. THE BOND™ is a natural and non-toxic, chemical-free soft bonding product for hair extensions which allows for proven damage-free hair extension application and removal. Patent Pending. Manufactured in the US by West Coast Hair®  and Tiffany-Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® is a branded soft bond type of hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis and by appointment in Los Angeles, as well as mobile and on-location appointments being considered per request.