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I love the system. I will never wear another.

Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions for Adding Length

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Are you looking for the best hair extensions for your hair? WEST COAST HAIR® offers natural, soft bonding proven to be a safe and gentle hair extension for the natural hair.

You may be surprised thin hair, fine hair and/or chemically processed hair (which typically cannot handle the weight of hair extension glues, fusion, or metals) loves WEST COAST HAIR®.
You get months of natural, discreet hair extension wear and see your hair thrive and grow while wearing your hair extensions!

Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions for Adding Volume Only

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WEST COAST HAIR® makes it easy to find the hair extension solution right for you. Whether you thrive on finding the latest and greatest and being the first one to get it, or you've heard about the soft bond hair extensions through a friend or co-worker, we have the solution you'll want to get your hair extensions in right away.

Ask about our VIP service and treatments, top-of-the-line extension hair and product upgrades along with the service and care. No other hair extension can compare!

Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions for Adding Color

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Are you wondering what kind of results hair extensions can offer you? WEST COAST HAIR® is a brand new strand-by-strand hair extension method which utilizes a natural soft bond hair extension product and technique which is better for natural hair of all types (thin, fine, course, curly) than traditional methods of applying and wearing hair extensions.

Soft bonds coupled with exotic, top-line extension hair assures you receive the service and care only you deserve. You will be the talk of the town and turn heads! We guarantee it!

What are strand by strand hair extensions?

Strand-by-strand hair extensions are very small bundles of extension hair attached to small bundles of your natural hair.

Why strand by strand hair extensions?

Strand-by-strand hair extensions are usually found to be the longest lasting, longest wearing hair extension method. It is very time-consuming and laborious to apply but compared to many weft methods, such as sew-ins, the strands can be worn up to 5 times longer than those types of hair extension methods. Stand-by-strand hair extension methods are also typically found to be the most comfortable and most natural-looking way to wear hair extensions.

How is this different from other methods?

The WEST COAST HAIR® method of applying hair extensions uses its own U.S. manufactured bonding product by Tiffany Twist. It is a product which contains no glues, no fusion, and no adhesives which can be found in keratin, hot and cold fusion, and traditional fusion hair extension processes.

Is the soft bond “fusion”?

This is not fusion, nor does this product contain any of the adhesives, adhesive wax, protein, keratin or hot glues found in other extension methods. THE BOND contains naturally occurring soft lipids and is not chemically manufactured like glues are.

I am allergic to most glues and bonds, is this different?

Yes, the WEST COAST HAIR® bonding product uses no glues or adhesives, which are chemically derived and can cause allergic reactions. THE BOND™ contains naturally occurring ingredients (found in nature) and non-toxic properties. One of these, ColorLock™, is a cosmetic-grade ingredient, therefore probably in many of the products you already use directly on your skin. THE BOND has shown no issues for those allergic to other glue and fusion processes. It is ALWAYS recommended you do an allergy test before using and installing. Also, rinse remaining bond residue from your scalp and skin after removal to guard against any irritation. (Even grass, which is natural, can be irritating when left on your skin!)

How do these bonds benefit me?

You should be very pleased with the comfort of the hair extensions and love the fact you are not using glues or chemicals in your hair. You’ll also love that you can re-wear your extension hair, if you choose, saving money and resources!

How long does my hair have to be to wear WEST COAST HAIR®?

You can wear the extensions as long as you have hair to attach to, a couple inches at least. We have successfully added to hair as short as an inch but keep in mind that there isn't any covering hair when bonding to hair this short, and the bonds will show. A hat and scarf could be used to hide these bonds if desired. Hair that is at least 5 inches in length is optimal for blending and covering the hair extension bonds.

What can the bonds handle?

The hair extensions can be worn, washed, dried, styled and slept in day after day and night after night without the need to remove them for many months!

You'll take care not pull on your extensions while your bonds are hot (maybe from a hot hairdryer or direct sun or a sauna) but the bonds can handle what your skin can. If you place a hot hairdryer right at your skin, you will burn it. This is the same with the bonds.

How long can I wear them?

The bonds are created in a manner that they will last in the hair safely and comfortably for 3 to 6 months with proper maintenance and care. At the 4 month point bonds will begin to wear down and may be good indication of the time for removal and re-installation of the extensions.

How much do WEST COAST HAIR® hair extensions cost?

This varies by location and is according to specialist pricing. Do remember there is an incredible amount of training and labor involved in applying hair extensions. The process takes many hours to apply correctly and with the desired natural looking result. Also keep in mind that the pricing for hair extension products can get very expensive, the better the hair, the less a pain it is to take care of it. Hair extensions are a definite investment but usually well worth the dollars as they produce an amazing end result that raises our confidence level. Send in this form to receive information on pricing.

WEST COAST HAIR® VIP SERVICES include a variety of service selections such as private appointments, meals, travel, transportation and accommodation. Your complete privacy and discretion is our top priority. We offer a discreet back-door entry and secure building when needed. Our specialists and their assistants will manage your private visit and carry out exact room requirements as you specify. Contact us to further inquire on, or secure, our unique VIP services.

"I was writing to first tell you how grateful I am we were connected through your product... Love them!!! They are so beautiful and I don't even notice they are in - they are virtually light as a feather!!! Second, I wanted to "Thank You!!" for not only doing an amazing job installing them, but for making the time there so much fun, relaxing, inspiring and truly thought-provoking. I am in awe of all of your accomplishments, your perseverance, and just natural business savvy but most of all your truly beautiful spirit, sense of humor, and candor; I have not felt so welcome and such warmth around people in a long time…" -Rachel
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